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Psalms and Gospel Acclamations

Please accept these psalms and acclamations as a gift to the church. All I ask in return is to kindly let me know if you use any of these. If you need anything transposed to another key, please send me an email: mac[at]cooneystudio[dot]com. If you like my music, please support me by making a small (or large, if you prefer) donation:


1st Sunday of Advent (C) 2015

Second Sunday of Advent (C) 2015

Immaculate Conception (ABD) DEC 8 2015


Gospel Acclamations (B) 2012 
Ash Wednesday – 5th Sunday of Lent

Ash Wednesday (YEAR ABC)

Responsorial Psalm (ABC) 2012

Responsorial Psalm (ABC) 2014

Gospel Acclamation (ABC) 2012 (2 options)

Gospel Acclamation (ABC) 2014


1st Sunday in Lent

Responsorial Psalm [Ps. 51] (A) 2014 

Gospel Acclamation (A) 2014

Responsorial Psalm (B) 2012

Gospel Acclamation (B) 2012


2nd Sunday in Lent

Responsorial Psalm [Ps. 33] (A) 2014

Gospel Acclamation [Mt 17:5] (A) 2014


3rd Sunday of Lent

Responsorial Psalm [Ps. 95] (A) 2014

Gospel Acclamation [Jn 4:42,15] (A) 2014

4th Sunday of Lent

Responsorial Psalm_[Ps. 23] (A)_2014

Gospel Acclamation [Jn 8:12] (A) 2014

5th Sunday of Lent

Responsorial Psalm [Ps. 130] (A) 2014

Gospel Acclamation [Jn 11:25a, 26]

Palm Sunday

Responsorial Psalm [Ps. 22] (ABC) 2014

Gospel Acclamation [Phil 2:8-9]

Holy Thursday

Gospel Acclamation [Jn 13:34]



May 1 – St. Joseph the Worker – Responsorial Psalm [Ps. 90] (ABC)

May 3 – Sts. Phillip and James, Apostles – Responsorial Psalm [Ps. 19] (ABC)