Scoring “Homeless in a College Town”

This documentary by counterfeit cow productions is about the homeless in Amherst MA, and shows a side of town that people do not associate with an educated, successful college and touristy town.

Looking forward to scoring this documentary – it spoke to me right away. Take a look.

Next Project

Well, it didn’t take too long.  My next project is scoring a short film entitled “Old Days” by Costas Costanta.  If you can, please help support this project by donating to the Kickstarter page.

A nice upgrade

I just installed my new set of 7 virtual instruments from EastWest Sounds – and they sound unbelievable! There is something to be said about having the right sound to inspire your creative juices. While most of it happens inside my head, it sure is nice to hear an amazingly close approximation validate what I was hearing in my head. I purchased the Complete Composers Collection which contains: Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Pianos Gold, Symphonic Choirs, Goliath, Stormdrum 2, Voices of Passion (think Gladiator), Ra (ethnic instruments). Amazingly efficient CPU load so far – seems like I’ll be able to load a lot of voices at once – even on my old G5, Dual 2 GHz!

Worth checking it out:

On to new things

Had a blast watching a movie on a big screen, and hearing my music – it was cool.  Sure we will have more showings at film festivals in the future.

[cincopa A8EAlnKbetF4]

But while that works itself out – time to move on to the next project – again, from a former student.  This is a short – last I saw it was about 12min or so. Heavy drama – so it will test my skills for sure.  Looking forward to it.  Oh, and a nice order from EastWest  – new samples arriving soon!



A first…

…for my film music aspirations.

I am going to the Bergenfield Film Festival tonight to see the screening of Honorable Retribution at the Clearview Cinema 5 theater. I am excited to see the film on a big screen, and hopefully hear a convincing soundtrack! I am also looking forward to hearing what other fellow composers are doing and make some meaningful contacts.

Here is a link to the festival website:

And the schedule (HR is showing in Theater 5): For A PDF Schedule To This Year’s Festival

If you want to know a little more about the movie, its creator, and general information, check out the website:

And the IMDb page:

I’ll post some pictures and twitter updates while I’m there. Here goes nothing.



Film Festival Debut

I just learned that the movie Honorable Retribution, for which I composed the soundtrack, has been accepted to the Bergenfield Film Festival in Bergenfield, NJ. This would be my first “sound appearance” in a film festival.  Wishing all involved with the film the best of luck. Here is the website for the festival being held on Thursday, May 5th at 7pm – at the Clearview Cinema.

I hope to get down and see/hear the movie on the big screen – very cool.