The Beatles as Music Teacher?

Michael Cooney/ April 14, 2013/ Education/ 2 comments

The Beatles are the music teachers in our house. at the moment


How am I teaching my kids music? In a completely unstructured environment that allows them to listen to all genres and varieties of music. Sure we showed them a couple of things on the piano, but they have learned to use something, something that is so often overlooked: their ears. From figuring our the beginning of Bach’s T&F , to the most recent (and fascinating) obsession with The Beatles, they have an uncanny ability to listen (to music, mind you. We are working on the listening to parents part). My oldest has found Sir Paul quite the musician- so we are taking him to see Paul McCartney this summer. But, just what is it about The Beatles that speaks to him (and all our kids like them) on such a profound level? He can literally sit and listen to entire albums- totally enthralled. Perhaps it’s that he can hear the baselines we’ve been showing him on the piano, or the beat, or the catchy melodies… Not sure- but it sure is cool to be able to listen to this music with them.

— beep beeeep, beep beeeep, YEAH!

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  1. I can’t wait to be Ringo for Sir Patrick and Sir Liam! Heavy dose of Revolver and Rubber Soul!

    1. Rubber Soul has been on the playlist, for sure!

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