A Benefit in Stamford

Michael Cooney/ January 20, 2009/ Music, Performance/ 0 comments

A group picture of the performers after the concert. Pictured (L to R) Kirsten Allegri, Elise Quagliata, Amy Buckley, Dmitry Iogman, Michael Cooney.

An old friend from UCONN, Dmitry (Dima) Iogman, found me on facebook and asked me to participate in a benefit concert – and, of course, I was there to lend support in raising money for a family member who is diagnosed with cancer.  Little did I know that it would become a great little UCONN reunion with singers Amy Buckley, Elise Quagliata.  And there was also Kirsten Allegri, whom my wife met at the Aspen Music Festival years ago.  All were there to lend support – it was beautiful. What some thought was going to be a little show, became a concert of masterful musicianship from all. One run-through with each performer, and that was it – show-time! It was great to be able to pull it all together with master musicians!


Here is the letter Dima sent to us.

“Hello Guys…. Once again… thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  I as so very humble by the caliber of people who’ve casually decided to walk into my life and have stayed in touch for years.  Nothing in this world means more that those invisible ties that bind us together.  You all have helped me in a time of need and can expect the same of me any time.   Kirsten and Mac Especially you too have leave me with no other words but humility and true gratitude.

I would like to say that you should all be, as i am extremely proud of what we accomplished on such short notice with no rehearsal time.  We have raised over $7,000 for a family in true need of support, (and the money is still pouring in).  But not only that……, for a whole following week the entire community was buzzing about a concert that they went to out of respect and planed to leave at intermission…. but instead were completely taken by surprise by the high level of performance and musicality that they saw…. and considered themselves Lucky to have seen something so special…… in little old Stamford.

thank you,




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