Film Festival Debut

I just learned that the movie Honorable Retribution, for which I composed the soundtrack, has been accepted to the Bergenfield Film Festival in Bergenfield, NJ. This would be my first “sound appearance” in a film festival.  Wishing all involved with the film the best of luck. Here is the website for the festival being held on Thursday, May 5th at 7pm – at the Clearview Cinema.

I hope to get down and see/hear the movie on the big screen – very cool.

Moving Forward

I’ve just added the online store – have 2 albums up, and two manuscripts ready.  It helps to have them done – makes room in my head for the next project. Finish the Emily Dickinson – and then the next film score. Good times.

Emily Dickinson Set

The first round of editing is finished – this just highlighted several more corrections that need to be addressed. Once finished – trying to figure out how to self-publish the set.  I’m registered as a composer and publisher with ASCAP – still need to do some research on how this all works. Here are a few of the first pages.
[cincopa AIDA6jaJ8-Wi]


Music by Michael Cooney

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